Financial Marketplace


The following resources are intended to help put the information found in the Financial Marketplace, and the search for financing generally, into context.

  • Developed by FAST, in conjunction with service providers in the Financial Marketplace, Financing Your Business: A Guide for Sustainable SMEs provides information about how to approach financing your sustainable business, including the advantages and disadvantages of external financing and how to prepare your business for financing.
  • The Financial Marketplace's Glossary provides a list of the terms used throughout the site and their definitions.
  • A translation table provide a quick reference for the English, French, and Spanish translations of the standardized terms used in the Financial Marketplace.

As well, FAST periodically runs online trainings to help guide sustainable SMEs and other partners through how to use the tools in the Financial Marketplace. Please check the Financial Marketplace's home page for more information about taking part in an upcoming online training.

Beyond the Financial Marketplace, FAST also provides a number of tools that may be helpful to sustainable SMEs searching for financing, including:

Lastly, some FAST members and other partners provide services designed to benefit sustainable SMEs.

  • CATIE's EcoAgriBusiness and EcoForestBusiness platforms provide market access tools and assistance for developing business plans in the agriculture and forestry sectors, respectively.
  • Cropster's C-SAR platform features inventory management and market access tools targetted at coffee producers.